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Oxford exercise book A4, 64 pages, ruling 28 (5 mm squared with margin on the left and on the right), 90 gsm Optik Paper®, stapled, colour: plum

Master everyday school life with the exercise books from Oxford!
The squared Oxford exercise book A4 with right/left margin, equipped with highly refined 90 g paper (OPTIK PAPER®) for optimum writing and arithmetic results, equipped with a robust cover for a long-lasting good appearance, 64 pages thick, colour: plum. Material number: 100050332
  • €2,78

  • Optik Paper®
    Extra white and smooth paper without translucent ink
  • Rugged, wipeable cover to avoid stains and cracks safely
  • Rugged, wipeable cover to avoid stains and cracks safely, for a permanent optimal appearance
  • Special amount of pages for a long usage
  • Product Details
  • A4 exercise book, 64 pages
  • 90g/m² Optik Paper® for easy writing and optimal writing results
  • Squared with margins right and left(= ruling 28), ideal to make notes or corrections at the edges
  • Extra strong and refined cover for a permanent usage
  • With a piece of blotting paper to absorbe surplus ink
  • Back wire stapled to provide optimal description of all pages
  • Awarded with the renowned EU Ecolabel due to environmentally friendly production and product quality