• 400115691
  • 400115691
  • 400115691
  • 400115691

Oxford brochure pockets QUICK'IN A4, PP 0.05 mm, crystal clear, non-glare, document-proof, open top (extra wide), 20 pieces in a bag

Oxford brochure cover QUICK 'IN - perfect document protection!
The innovative Oxford brochure cover ''QUICK'IN'' in A4 format is ideal for filing documents cleanly and protected in folders or ring binders over the long term. Thanks to the diagonal seam, the cover is extra wide, making it easier to insert the sheets. The brochure pockets are made of crystal-clear, document-proof 0.05 mm PP film. Material number: 400115691
  • €4,09

    Top and left opening (extra wide), smooth clear
  • Glasclear protection
  • 11-hole punching
    Perfect for storage in Lever Arch Files and Ring Binders
  • Product Details
  • 0.07 mm PP foil
  • Suitable for A4 Format
  • Permanent
  • Glasclear
  • Open at the top
  • Easier insertion of sheets thanks to slanted seam at the top