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  • 400159461

Oxford Recycling

A5 exercise book, ruling 7, 32 pages, 90 gsm OPTIK PAPER® 100% recycled, stapled, dark red

Oxford Recycling - with excellent Optik Paper® quality
The A5 recycling arithmetic exercise book with slightly larger boxes for strengthening the typeface, made of the best 90g recycled paper available on the market (OPTIK PAPER® 100% recycled) for optimal writing results, equipped with a robust envelope for a permanently good appearance
  • €1,09

Product Details
  • 90 g/m² OPTIK PAPER® 100% recycled for easy writing and optimal writing results
  • A5 exercise book, 32 pages
  • Squared with extra large boxes (ruling 7) to support writing development
  • Extra robust cover for long-term optimal use
  • With blotter to absorb excess ink
  • Environmentally friendly production & product quality awarded with the Blue Angel
  • Back wire stapled to be able to write on all pages optimally